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In today’s uncertain environment, investors need the relative stability of fixed income assets but global yields remain low, even after recent rises. To achieve attractive returns and to control risks in such an environment, a highly flexible and dynamic approach is needed. The Fund’s portfolio management team, headed by Richard (“Dickie”) Hodges, an industry veteran of more than 30 years’ experience, scour the globe for attractive return opportunities whilst dynamically hedging against shorter term risks.

Investment Approach

  • Highly flexible fixed income portfolio with dynamic downside risk control
  • Indicative yield of 3-5% over the medium term and the potential for additional capital returns
  • Strategic, long-term physical bond holdings combined with shorter-term risk hedging

Reasons to Invest

  • Access to attractive return opportunities globally, with the proven ability to protect against downside risk
  • A flexible ‘go anywhere’ approach, the team are able to invest across a wide rage of fixed income securities

Awards and Ratings 

Potential Significant Risks

Bonds that produce a higher level of income usually also carry greater risk as such bond issuers may have difficulty in paying their debts. Emerging markets or less developed countries may face more political, economic or structural challenges than developed countries.

Investment Objective

The fund aims to provide a combination of income and growth through investing principally in a broad range of debt securities with fixed or variable rates of income. A discretionary (unconstrained) approach combining a thematic top-down macro view with fundamental bottom-up selections. The portfolio will use both cash bonds and fixed income-related derivatives to dynamically adjust strategic positions of shorter-term market movements.

Fund Size

USD 2.2 billion (as at 30.04.2024)

Investment Company

Nomura Asset Management U.K. Ltd.

Lead Fund Manager

Richard ‘Dickie’ Hodges
Head of Unconstrained Fixed Income,
Nomura Asset Management U.K. Ltd. 

Launch Date


Base Currency


Universe Sector

Morningstar: Global Flexible Bond

IA Sector: £ Strategic Bond




Ireland (Nomura Funds Ireland plc)

Lead ISINs

Institutional ‘I’ GBP Hedged – IE00BTL1GV74
Institutional ‘I’ USD – IE00BTL1GH31
Institutional ‘I’ EUR Hedged – IE00BTL1GS46

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Share Class Monthly
I GBP Hedged
I EUR Hedged

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Important Information

Important Information