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Below is a list of commonly asked questions that we receive from investors for investment in the NFI Funds. Please click on the question to link through to the answer.

The contents of this page are intended for informational purposes only. Should you wish to invest in any of the NFI Funds, please ensure you read the prospectus and the relevant Key Information Document (PRIIPs KID) or Key Investor Information Document (UCITS KIID) – as appropriate for your relevant jurisdiction – before making an investment decision. These documents contain important information including risk factors and details of charges.

If you cannot find the answer to your question, please contact [email protected] or your local sales representative.

Please see the following link for a summary of rights afforded to you as a Shareholder of Nomura Funds Ireland plc.
Summary of investor rights.


Where can I find the prospectus and application form?

The latest prospectus and application form can be found on our fund documents page.

What is the difference between A, I, F, S and R share classes?

.**For the Global Dynamic Bond Fund the minimum subscription is $100,000,000

*Class F, FD, R, RD and S Shares may be offered in limited circumstances for distribution in certain countries through certain large distributors and platforms having separate fee arrangements with their clients who at the discretion of Nomura Asset Management U.K. Ltd are considered wholesale investors providing services to other investors, and have a written agreement in place with the Nomura Asset Management U.K. Ltd authorising them to purchase such Shares. In addition, Class F, FD, R, RD and S Shares may be offered to professional and/or other investors at the discretion of Nomura Asset Management U.K. Ltd.

Where can I find details about the charges for NFI Funds?

Relevant ongoing charges are quoted on the current key information document (PRIIPs KID) or key investor information document (UCITS KIID) found on our fund documents page. An overview of management fees and ongoing charges can also be found on individual fund pages under the Share Class Availability section.

Where can I find details about the NFI Fund range?

For further details on our NFI Fund range, please visit our Fund Range page.

What is the fund structure?

The fund is structured as an open ended UCITS fund and is an ICVC (Investment Company with Variable Capital).

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Important Information

Important Information